You are a professional?
We have an offer for you!

Our cheese dairy is also addressed to professionals in the gastronomy sector. Whether you are a restaurateur, caterer, retailer, wine merchant, or hotel, we have developed offers adapted to your needs.

We at the Tourrette cheeses dairy are a company on the human scale and we listen to our customers. We endeavour to preserve the greatly valued closeness to our partners and to share our experience with them.

Your satisfaction is primordial. Therefore, we think it important to offer you a solution, which will meet your needs and which will develop with your projects, thanks to continuous dialogue and monitoring.

We are ready and wiling to take the time to advise you personally and to make assortments for you, in customised packaging.

For this purpose we also offer customised training programmes covering preservation, service and tasting techniques and courses on the history of and legends concerning cheese.

Contact us to tell us about your project !

They trust us…

Hotel Restaurant Bareiss *** – Baiersbronn
Le Moissonnier ** – Köln
La Société * – Köln
Le Zauberlehrling * – Stuttgart
BollAnts Spa im Park – Bad Sobernheim
Le Stollberg – München
C’est La Vie – Leipzig
Paris Club, 25 Hours Hotel – Düsseldorf
Alte Brennerei – München
Max Gründig Klinik – Bühl

L’Auberge de l’Ill ** (France)
Le Buerehiesel * (France)
La Fourchette des Ducs ** (France)
L’Auberge Au Bœuf * (France)
Les Plaisirs Gourmands (France)
M Gallery 5 Terres Hotel (France)

Le Saint Jacques (Denmark)
Turing Ost & Vin (Sweden)
Tinggarden (Denmark)

And of course all our reselers to be find here

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